The WordPress Security "Perfect Storm"

Imagine a WordPress security suite that actually adapted to your site—to your way of doing business—with no plugins to install, nothing to configure and no “techie” stuff.

In other words, all the peace of mind, with none of the headaches

Welcome to FortiPress.

How Many Security Plugins Have You Tried?

3 or 4? 5? 25?…

Do they even work?

What settings should you use?

And what the F*%& is XML-RPC?

(We understand your frustration.)

FortiPress is Not A Plugin.

And it isn’t "just a firewall" either… FortiPress combines the best of all worlds, and arms your WordPress site with the perfect one-two punch; allowing you to turn the tables on hackers, and keep them out for good.

"Who" Is FortiPress?

Hi, I’m Brandon Zundel, the founder of FortiPress.

I’ve been in the front-line trenches as a full time web developer and internet marketer since 2007, and it’s safe to say I’ve earned a master’s level savvy of what other online business owners need to really succeed on the technical level.

As a marketer myself, I absolutely understand why WordPress is so appealing. It’s SO easy to use, and the sky's the limit on how it can be customized to fit virtually any business model.

In fact, when I decided to open my freelancing development practice, the first thing I did was build a WordPress blog where I could showcase my work, and share posts with valuable information I’ve learned over the years.

You know what was the first major thing to happen to my blog? You guessed it…


The sad part about that whole story is, I learned it when a potential client visited my site, and was met with what I call, "The red screen of death".

It’s Google’s way of protecting you, and believe me, it works!

There was no way that potential client would visit my site, and worse, because I’m a developer, I lost every bit of credibility I had worked so hard to build.

Worse yet, it took years before I was able to get my emails whitelisted again so all of my clients would receive my email replies.

It’s because of my personal experience, and the experience of so many of my clients who came to me because they were hacked that I created FortiPress.

Here's What Others Have To Say

“FortiPress is literally the only company who I let touch my security issues. After a thousand headaches leaving my sites unprotected, and many thousands paid to repair the site over and over, I finally just let FortiPress do their thing.

I rest a lot easier at night knowing that a trustworthy company who cares is looking over my business.”

Ryan Moran

"...If you value your website and you're using wordpress, you'd be stupid to not invest in [FortiPress]."

Justin Goff
Entrepreneuer & Copywriter

“I had relaunched my blog and new product, everything was going well and our product launch was going great, until...

I got hacked.

Everything went down within minutes and I was left sitting there with hundreds of support tickets from customers who weren’t pleased by not being able to access their paid content.

If FortiPress hadn’t come to the rescue I would’ve lost literally everything and been burned in my marketplace.

Thanks to them I managed to save face and have since strengthened my sites that run on WordPress.

Seriously, I couldn’t thank you enough."

Adil Amarsi - The Mad Scientist Of Copywriting and Advertising.

FortiPress isn’t just Street-Tough…
It’s Battle Hardened

And most of all, It’s like a silent assassin waiting in the shadows for the bad guys. Your own personal “secret service” to thwart attacks before they even happen.

All without having to bother “the boss” with trivial details, arcane setup, or maintenance duties.

See, the thing is, I’ve been there… I am the man in the trenches… I’ve cleaned malware off of so many sites that I’ve lost count.

I’ve seen it as simple as running a scan of a popular plugin, to as complicated as having to comb through the PHP code of 50,000+ files—one line at a time—to find that "mystery 3 lines of code" the hacker injected that’s allowing him access to the entire server.

Through all of these experiences, I learned one very simple fact… the best solution to a hack is to never be hacked in the first place!

When I created FortiPress, I took all the information I had learned from cleaning and protecting sites, and distilled it down into the core of where hackers are gaining access.

And then, I sought solutions to each of these common vulnerabilities individually… and tested the hell out of them.

At the risk of sounding conceited… maybe even a little bit over the top… I’ll say this:

FortiPress Protected Sites Don’t Get Hacked

Don’t get me wrong here, the hackers are still there, and they’re still trying to get in. Every… Single… Day…

I know this because I’m personally monitoring every one of these sites, and my software logs these failed attempts.

Have hackers ever gotten through? I’d be lying if I said they haven’t.

Even as good as I am, there are hackers out there that are way better than me. That’s just a simple truth.

"When" those situations have happened though, I’ve still found a solution, and those hackers are no longer a problem for those clients.

There may come a day when I can’t keep a client’s site the way he or she wants it and still keep the hackers out, but that day hasn’t come yet.

How FortiPress Protects Your Site

For starters, the very first thing we do is eliminate "obvious" issues...

We get rid of insecure user names like "admin" (and similar), and we look for vulnerable plugins, out of date software, and other things that make you a sitting duck.

Once everything is up to date, we lock it down by:

Next comes:

Daily Updates

One of the key parts—even critical—to WordPress security is making sure all of your plugins and themes are up to date.

You see, WordPress itself is pretty dang secure, and there are thousands of developers all over the world working on making it even better.

Plugins and themes are a different matter.

Most plugins and themes are built buy a single developer, and it’s up to that developer to support that plugin or theme.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that they don’t always do a very good job at that part.

Plugin Vulnerabilities Are the #1 Way Hackers Get In

Fortunately the WordPress community is a very large one, and when a vulnerability in a plugin is discovered, the developer is quickly notified.

And if the plugin developer doesn’t fix it, we find out so we can get rid of that plugin and use an alternative that doesn’t have the same issues.

And Then...

Daily Cloud Backups

The very first thing I do when I bring on a new client is make a full backup of their WordPress site… the entire database, all of the WordPress files, and all of the uploads.

And then, I make a new backup of all of that content every… single… day…

All of these backups are stored offsite in the cloud, so not only are they keeping your hosting disk space free of clutter, but they’re also out of a hacker’s reach if he somehow manages to break through our walls.

I store these restore points pretty much indefinitely, so even if we found that something has been a problem for 6 months, we could go back to that point, and restore the 6 month old file if we wanted to.

Backups Save You From Yourself Too

We’re all human, and we make mistakes… Sometimes we delete something we didn’t intend to… With the FortiPress backups there, all you need to do is ask, and I can restore a full backup, or even just restore a portion of it. (Like if a developer screwed up a custom plugin you had built)

So, in a way, the FortiPress service actually goes beyond just WordPress security.

It Doesn't Stop There

Security Settings That Keep Hackers OUT

Our clients don't get hacked...

We know that's a strong statement, but facts are facts... even clients who have been hacked before--even persistently--have gotten a 100% dropoff of hacks after just 30 days with us.

We're able to achieve this because FortiPress isn't a plugin... FortiPress is real people, real experts locking your site down, and actively keeping hackers out.

And If That Wasn't Enough...

Expert Monitoring Of Site Activity, and Hacker Attempts

Even after your site has been locked down, hackers will still be trying to find a way in.

If they try to log in, we get notified.

If they try to find vulnerable plugins, we get notified.

If they actually manage to hack the site and change your files, we get notified.

In fact, we know about it so fast, that even if your site did get hacked, we’ll more than likely have it cleaned up, and your site further protected without you even knowing that it happened. (until I email you about it of course.)

Sign Up Now

"I'm Sold"... How Much?

I’ll tell you, I really struggled when it came to figuring this part of things out.

You already know that time is money, and when you’re a freelance developer, you really get an understanding of that… if I’m not actively working for a client… I don’t get paid.

There isn’t any salary to cover my time while I check email, answer a random phone call, or any of the other myriad of things that "hit you" during a work day.

The thing is, when I put pencil to paper, I realized that my clients would have to pay at least $758.33 every month for every WordPress install if I billed this at my freelancing rate. (and even more if I had to clean up a hack)

On top of that, the first month would have to include a setup fee.

As much as I like earning money, I also realized that would price out the bulk of people who really need my services.

I HAD To Find A Way To Make It Affordable

I managed to figure out how to at least centralize most of the work so that I could "virtually multi task"… that way that workload could be spread across multiple clients all at once… and I could justify billing them all as "one client".

All of that work allowed me to create the FortiPress Total Protection Package.

Only $50/mo per domain... with no obligations, and no contracts.

In fact, I even made it easy to cancel if you ever want to.

I’ve been around a while… I see how "others" do it… "just email us, and we’ll cancel your subscription"… I think we all have a horror story or two about "that policy".

The second you click the sign up button, enter your details, and complete the checkout process, you’ll be automatically signed in to your own secure client portal.

Besides securely adding all of your relevant site details there, you will also be able to see all of your charge history, and if at any time, you want to cancel… you can cancel with one click.

Yes, it really is that easy.

Grab The FortiPress Total Protection Package For Your Site Right Now

The FortiPress Total Protection Package

$50/mo (per domain)
Complete Malware Cleanup: included
Set Up Fee: $0.00
Cloud Backups: daily
Security Plugins: included
Plugin & Theme Updates: daily
Expert Monitoring: real-time
Priority Support: included
Rest Easy Guarantee: included
Billing Cycle: monthly

Our Rest Easy Guarantee

I would have liked to offer a money back guarantee… and that’s fairly easy to do if I had a non-refundable setup fee to cover the time involved to set your site up in the first place… except I dropped that part knowing you would stay on for months at a time.

I know you need some reassurance that this actually works, so let me spell it out for you.

Hackers will still be trying to break into your site… mostly in vain, but they’ll still try.

If they ever manage to break into your site, I will work tirelessly to get rid of them, and restore your site to what it was before the hack. All on my own dime.

The funny thing about this guarantee is, I’ll probably fulfill my obligation before you even know I’ve done it… because that’s my job here!