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TRUE WordPress Security is Not a "One Size Fits All" Solution

WordPress security is super important, but let's face it... your site's content--and your user experience--is king.

We don't take a cookie cutter approach. We tailor our security settings to maximize protection without interfering with your site's functionality, and to eliminate plugin conflicts that so often occur with "out of the box" solutions.

99% of sites will see no difference with our "default" settings, but rest assured, we will do whatever we have to in order to protect your site without interfering with what you need to do.

How FortiPress Protects Your Site

Daily Cloud Backups

Everyone knows the importance of having a backup, and yet still, most sites don't have any backups at all... Worst are the ones who "assume" their hosting provider is doing it for them.

Even if your web host IS backing your site up, it's still on your server

Hackers corrupt all kinds of files when they break in, and that means your backup isn't safe either

By storing backups in the cloud, they're safe from anything a hacker could possibly do... and recovery is SIMPLE

We back up your entire WordPress site including your files and database every day to minimize any damage that could occur, and if a plugin or theme update breaks your site, it's simple to revert back to before the update, and give you time to work with your developers to get rid of the conflict.

Security Settings That Keep Hackers OUT

Our clients don't get hacked...

We know that's a strong statement, but facts are facts... even clients who have been hacked before--even persistently--have gotten a 100% dropoff of hacks after just 30 days with us.

We're able to achieve this because FortiPress isn't a plugin... FortiPress is real people, real experts locking your site down, and actively keeping hackers out.

Daily Updates

The only thing worse than having "admin" as your user name is not updating WordPress, the plugins and themes!

It can be a huge pain when you're trying to run a business, and we take that weight right off of your shoulders.

We check for updates constantly, and if a new update is available, we update it... simple as that

And because we have backups already, you don't have to stress if an update breaks something... simply let us know, and we'll roll it back, and we'll work together to figure out where the "issue" is, so that update can be implemented.

Expert Monitoring

Even the best security measures won't stop a determined hacker, and that's why constant monitoring is so important.

We're always on the lookout for suspicious activity, and potential holes that can be exploited.

And when a threat arises, we're able to quickly adjust your site's security to head off, and stop the attack

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Here's What Others Have To Say

“FortiPress is literally the only company who I let touch my security issues. After a thousand headaches leaving my sites unprotected, and many thousands paid to repair the site over and over, I finally just let FortiPress do their thing.

I rest a lot easier at night knowing that a trustworthy company who cares is looking over my business.”

Ryan Moran

"...If you value your website and you're using wordpress, you'd be stupid to not invest in [FortiPress]."

Justin Goff
Entrepreneuer & Copywriter

“I had relaunched my blog and new product, everything was going well and our product launch was going great, until...

I got hacked.

Everything went down within minutes and I was left sitting there with hundreds of support tickets from customers who weren’t pleased by not being able to access their paid content.

If FortiPress hadn’t come to the rescue I would’ve lost literally everything and been burned in my marketplace.

Thanks to them I managed to save face and have since strengthened my sites that run on WordPress.

Seriously, I couldn’t thank you enough."

Adil Amarsi - The Mad Scientist Of Copywriting and Advertising.

Our Rest Easy Guarantee

We're 100% confident in our WordPress security settings, and you should be too.

Even at that, we understand that it would be impossible to say that there was no way a hacker could get in.

You can rest easy knowing that IF they somehow did break through our barriers, we have your back!

If your site does get hacked, we will work tirelessly to remove all malicious code and restore your site as close to humanly possible to what it was before it was compromised

And unlike many of our competitors, it isn't up to you to tell us your site has been attacked.

It's certainly possible you would discover the attack before us, though more than likely, we'll find it and repair it before you ever knew it happened.

With FortiPress on your team, you can rest easy on the security side, and concentrate on making your site the best it can be.